Until the seventies of the last century, the Van Veldhuizen family was mainly engaged in so-called scheduled transport. First Veenendaal – Arnhem, and later Nijmegen, Tiel, Deventer and Zutphen as destinations. In the years after the van Veldhuizen family made the transition to open transportation to various locations.

In 1987 Van Veldhuizen Transport consisted of only 4 employees: Gijs, Jos, Berth and one chauffeur. In 1990 when the company had been taken over by the current owners (Berth and Dick), both chauffeurs at the time, it had grown to six trucks.

The growth continued. In 1995 the property on the Transformaatstraat was sold and Van Veldhuizen Transport bought a piece of land at the industrial park ‘’De Compagnie’’. In a timespan of only 13 weeks they realized a new facility at this location.

Once the new building was put into operation in 1995, the negotiations with another transport company, Mulder & Co, started. The initial goal was cooperation but ultimately resulted into an acquisition. Mulder & Co. was added by the name of Van Veldhuizen Logistics to Gebr. Van Veldhuizen Transport. The company had suddenly grown by eight men and eight trucks. At that time Gebr. Van Veldhuizen Transport had 28 permanent employees and a fleet of 24 trucks.

Through the acquisition of Mulder & Co., Van Veldhuizen Transport could now offer Logistic Services. In 2000 Van Veldhuizen Logistics VOF was added to Gebr. Van Veldhuizen Transport B.V. and in 2002 the logistic services had grown so much that the size of the warehouse had to be doubled. In 2009 Gebr. Van Veldhuizen took the next step and decided to build a new facility at industry park ‘’De Batterijen’’, which was put into operation in June of that year.

More than 110 years after its establishment, Van Veldhuizen Transport is still a family owned business with the fourth generation at the helm. From one man, one horse and one carriage we have grown into a modern organization with 50 employees, 40 trucks and 35 trailers.

The History in chronological order


Gijsberthus van Veldhuizen (born in 1866) took over the messenger service from Evert Davelaar to Arnhem. The service was carried out by horse and carriage. The company was named: G. van Veldhuizen & Zn. and was located at the Achterkerkstraat 13-15 in Veenendaal.

The sons Gerrit (born in 1895) and Adrianus (Jos) van Veldhuizen (born in 1889) took over the business from their father. The first truck was put into operation and the company name was changed into ‘’Gebroeders van Veldhuizen’’(Van Veldhuizen Brothers).

Teunis (Teus) van Veldhuizen (born in 1935), son of Jos van Veldhuizen, joins the company.

The inhabitants of Veenendaal were evacuated. Gerrit van Veldhuizen brings the Veenendaal municipal archives in safety during this flight for the war.

The brothers Gerrit and Teunis van Veldhuizen drive, with risk, for the food supply.


Gijsbertus (Gijs) van Veldhuizen (born in 1933), son of Gerrit van Veldhuizen, joins the company.

Adrianus (Jos) van Veldhuizen (born in 1941), son of Teunis, joins the company. He worked for the company until he went into early retirement in 2000.

The company name is changed to: Gebr. Van Veldhuizen Transport B.V. (Van Veldhuizen Brothers)

After 86 years, the company moves from the Achterkerkstraat to the Transformaatstraat in Veenendaal.

The company is taken over by the sons of Gijs van Veldhuizen: Berth Gerard (Berth) van Veldhuizen (born in 1963) and Dirk Hendricus Gijsberthus (Dick) van Veldhuizen (born in 1969). Jos van Veldhuizen sells his shares to Berth and Dick.


Gebr. Van Veldhuizen Transport moves from the Transformaatstraat to the Storkstraat in Veenendaal.

The centenary, Gebr. Van Veldhuizen Transport is awarded the royal title of Hofleverancier (Purveyor to the royal household) which we are very proud of. The capacity of the warehouse at the Storkstraat is doubled.

New facility at industry park ‘’De Batterijen’’. A new, larger warehouse that was taken into operation in June 2009.